If you try to search on search engines for unique Christmas gifts here is the list of what you will find.

You will find some personalized photos gifts, some wine bottles from California, some Christmas forest wreaths and ornaments, some handmade rugs, some beautiful jewelry for an incredible cheap price, some stuffed animals, some shawls and scarves in many colors, some poems, some wooden gifts, some gift baskets for everything-lovers (I mean wine, chocolate, coffee, golf, spa, ...), some house decoration accessories, some personal accessories, some furnitures, some gourmet foods, some corporate gifts, some handicrafts, some kitchen equipment, some romantic gifts, some trees to plant, some books, some DNA tests, some love scent pheremone perfumes, some company shares, some relaxation equipment, some stickers, but no Snake wine or Scorpion wine bottles !

Yes, the most unique and rare gift that you could find is not on the first page result of search engines websites, making it even more difficult to find, but you are lucky as it seems that you managed to find our website and will be able to order a Snake wine or Scorpion wine bottle, just in time for Christmas and New year.

Just think, Christmas is on December, 25th, and if you order a Snake wine and a Scorpion wine bottle online with express delivery, you will get your bottles within 3 days, and a tracking number will be provided so that you can check everyday to know where are your bottles and when will the postman deliver your parcel.

You have seen that Snake wine liquor or Scorpion wine liquor really are incredible and hard to find gifts that sometimes even search engines as Google can't find, so now that you know where to buy this Asian beverage for Christmas you should order it to be delivered as fast as possible, I mean before Christmas day, or New year's eve, if you plan to bring your Snake wine and Scorpion wine bottle to your New year party and dinner.

Snake wine and Scorpion wine really are drinks that you can be sure nobody else will bring to your New year dinner or New year party, being one of the most incredible and edible gift that one's could find on this planet, and it is usually found in South east Asian countries as Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, but also in Korea and Japan.

To prepare this aphrodisiac beverage a cobra snake or some scorpions are put into a transparent rice wine liquor with herbs and roots, and the liquid is left to ferment for months or years. The venomous cobra snake used to make Snake wine is preserved to have the snake poison dissolved in the beverage, but because the cobra snake venom is protein based it is inactivated by the denaturing effects of ethanol, and no more dangerous for consumption.
Many types of snake wines can be found all across Asia, but the most famous one is the one found in Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos, the only real and authentic Snake wine.

You can order online the famous Snake wine or even a Scorpion wine if you want to purchase a souvenir from Asia, if you want to offer an incredible rare gift to family members, or if you want to impress all your friends during Christmas or New year's eve parties and dinners.

Enjoy this rare Snake wine alcohol, Merry Christmas 2007, and Happy New year 2008 !


Snake Wine Shipping Service to US Hi I was wondering what shipping service you will us? Does the snake wine ship from Asia or USA? Do I have to pay customs cost? You said it comes from a license farm, is that in Asia or where? Thank you – — […]

Snake Wine Shipping Service to US

Snake Wine Medicinal Drink



Medicinal wines have remained a favourite drink for many Chinese and Vietnamese men in their own country but also all over the world, because even when they live abroad, Asian people still like to enjoy some of the best medicinal wines available where they are born.

Usually medicinal wines are made from herbs, reptiles and mammals steeped in spirits, and Asian doctors as western doctors always are surprised by the strong effects of these wines, but these doctors like to repeat that drinking these wines can be considered as taking medicine, so people should seek out expert advice in order to avoid unexpected consequences, and not drink more than one shot a day as they shouldn't take more pills than what their doctor asked them to eat everyday.

However it seems that few medicinal wines consumers listen to this kind of warnings, and most of the men who have tried medicinal wines as Snake wine after having heard about the advantages of medicinal wines by word of mouth, usually confess drinking it more than what they should.

"I drink different kinds of medicinal wines, especially snake wine, to help improve my health," said Nguyen Van Vuong, 48, of a village near Ha Noi Snake village, and as most of Snake wine drinkers he doesn't think that there's any harm drinking medicinal wines unless you drink too much. But what is too much ?

All famous herbalists questioned about Snake wine and others medicinal wines said that these wines could cause problems if taken in excessive amounts, but fortunately not health threatening problem.

Herbalists add that Snake wine is most of the time good to drink, but some other wines as antler wine should be used carefully and this medicine would work only when it suited to the patient's illness and when taken in the prescribed amount.

When it comes to medicinal wines, the two main ingredients are wine and "medicines", which can include herbs or insects, reptiles as Cobra snake, and mammals that had been soaked in wine. Therefore, the effectiveness and quality of the wines also depend on the quality of ingredients and the liquor, so this is why patients must be sure to buy only authentic medicinal wine as Snake wine, and not any other wine made by people who are not herbalists or doctors.
Beware of substandard or fake wines which are made with methanol, which is not what someone needs to improve his health when being sick. The real Snake wine is made with authentic traditional rice liquor, and only rice liquor.

Don't buy wine with vague origins and improper production process, but only real medicinal wine, and even if snake, gecko, tryonychid turtle and other animals are popular ingredients in medicinal wines as in Chinese medicine, one's must remember that most reptiles and insects contain toxins that could harm human health if not properly used.

For example, gecko wine is dangerous for people who suffer from kidney failure, colds or asthma, and mashed bee wine can be dangerous because the bees contain toxic substances, and even with Snake which is the less dangerous among medicinal wines, people shouldn't drink more than 15-30 ml of this wine a day.

Oriental medicinal wines have long been believed to help promote blood circulation, with the alcohol helping the body absorb the medicinal content and some recipes help prolong human life or improve men's sexual stamina, but all these wines must be used properly, and nobody should abuse drinking them, or the effects could be worst than the illness or condition for which they are used.



Snake Wine Medicinal Drink




Dong quai is also called the "female ginseng" and it is excellent as an all purpose women's herb as its benefit are the most flagrant when women are using it.
Of course, men can also use it to improve fertility and last longer when having sex, but still, women will take a better advantage of this Chinese roots.

Dong quai is an aromatic herb that grows in China, Korea, and Japan. The reputation of Dong quai is second only to Ginseng and is considered the ultimate, all-purpose woman's tonic herb. It is used for almost every gynecological complaint from regulating the menstrual cycle to treating menopausal symptoms caused by hormonal changes.
The root has earned a reputation as the ultimate herb for women's condition over the centuries, and it is used to restore balance to a woman's hormones and cycles and is helpful in restoring menstrual regularity and for conditions of the reproductive system. It is not recommended during pregnancy, for women with excessive menstrual flow or for people taking blood thinning agents.
The herb is frequently used by the Chinese as a strengthening treatment for the heart, spleen, liver and kidneys. Both men and women use the herb as a general blood tonic.

Dong quai parts used: whole root. Angelica Sinensis is found in tea, herbal preparations, capsules, extract and recipes, but the best is to boil fresh roots yourself to get the best benefits.

This female ginseng has been used for centuries in China to regulate the menstrual cycle and reduce menstrual pain and cramping. It helps women regain normal menstrual cycles after taking birth control pill, and it has also proven helpful to relieve hot flashes during menopause of older women. Dong quai can be used for insomnia and blood pressure stability for both men and women, it can reduce PMS and may help anemia, suppressed menstrual flow, uterine bleeding, abdominal pain after childbirth, dry intestines, chronic pelvic disorders and constipation or headaches due to blood deficiency. Dong quai roots help the liver utilize more oxygen and therefore can be useful in treating hepatitis and cirrhosis. It may also help with abnormal protein metabolism. Dong quai helps dilate peripheral blood vessels, increase blood circulation, and they are also used as a mild laxative.
Angelica herb used in the treatment of female problems such as hot flashes, menopause, PMS, and vaginal dryness is really efficient, and it also increases the effect of ovarian/testicular hormones.

Functions and clinical use of Dong quai:
The root is also called dang gui and is valuable in anemia and menstrual pain, or as a general tonic after childbirth. It clears liver stagnation (of both energy and toxins) and can relieve constipation, especially in the elderly.
This herb tonifies the Blood and regulates the menses and it can be used for deficient blood patterns with such symptoms as a pale ashen face, tinnitus, blurred vision, and palpitations but also for Deficient Blood patterns with menstrual problems such as irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, and other women's conditions.
Dong quai invigorates and harmonizes the blood, so Dong quai is an important herb used to stop pain from congealed blood. Commonly used for abdominal pain, traumatic injuries, and carbuncles from congealed blood. Used also in the treatment of deficient blood with chronic wind damp painful obstruction. Drinking Dong quai also moistens the intestines and moves stool so it is advised to use it for dry intestines from deficient blood.
Angelica Sinensis contains vitamins E, A and B12 and researchers have isolated at least six coumarin derivatives that exert antispasmodic and vasodilatory effects. Antispasmodics are a remedy for menstrual cramps. The essential oil in dong quai contains ligustilide, butylphthalide and numerous other minor components as ferulic acid and various polysaccharides, and all these elements can prevent spasms, reduce blood clotting and relax peripheral blood vessels. Research has shown that dong quai produces a balancing effect on estrogen activity.
Modern treatments prescribe the herb to combat PMS and to help women resume normal menstruation after using birth control pills for years.
The herb has been found useful in balancing and treating many female systems and cycles. Its constituents can act to stimulate the central nervous system which can remedy weakness and headaches associated with menstrual disorders. It strengthens internal reproductive organs, helps with endometriosis and internal bleeding or bruising. It relieves menopausal conditions such as vaginal dryness and hot flashes.
The plant has also been used as a blood purifier, to promote blood circulation and nourish the blood in both sexes. It is high in iron content and may help to prevent iron deficiency and anemia. Studies show that Dong quai can be helpful in regulating blood sugar and in lowering blood pressure.
Angelica Sinensis has a mild sedative effect which can relieve stress and calms the nerves. It has also be used to stimulate the uterus during childbirth, treat insomnia, alleviate constipation and for migraine headaches.

Cautions and contraindications:
Use cautiously in diarrhea or cases of abdominal distension due to Damp Obstruction.
Avoid the sun when drinking Dong quai roots.

More information about Dong quai:
Botanical name: Angelica sinensis.
Pharmaceutical name: Radix Angelicae Sinensis
Properties: sweet, acrid, bitter, warm.
Channels entered: Heart, Liver, Spleen

Any questions ? Feel free to comment this page to get reply from our Chinese doctors.

Dong Quai Angelica Sinensis Chinese Medicine for Women

Wholesale Snake Wine Order Do you have wholesale opportunities/pricing, if so, what are the quantities and pricing? – — — Dear customer Thank you for your message.   Our customer service will send you an Email with all details about our wholesale offer.   Thank you again.   Best regards, […]

Wholesale Snake Wine Order

Find Habushu Japanese Snake Alcohol Hello, I’m looking for Habushu, Japanese snake alcohol, and was wondering if by any chance you know where I can buy some online. Thanks in advance, Julian – — — Dear customer,   Thank you for your interest, we only sell authentic Cobra snake liquor […]

Find Habushu Japanese Snake Alcohol


If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift or new year gift for somebody who already has everything, our website can help you to find this present!

We are selling the incredible Cobra Snake Wine that people from all over the world want to buy for their friends and family, the perfect gift that you can be sure that people you like won't already own has it it not available in any shop anywhere in the world and can only be bought on some markets in across Asia.

Yes, the famous Snake Wine and Scorpion Wine beverages only are available on our website, and we have been sending these incredible and rare Asian beverage bottles to Europe and America for years, being the only reliable internet shop selling this liquor.

We can send you bottles of Snake wine or Scorpion wine anywhere in the world has we have been sending parcels to many countries since years that we are doing this business, and if you are late to buy your Christmas or New Year gift you can also ask for express delivery service and get your bottles within 3 days.

But as we usually receive many orders from people who want to offer an incredible Christmas gift to their family and friends or people who want to bring a Snake wine bottle to their New Year's eve party, it's better to order in advance and get your Snake wine or Scorpion wine bottles during December 2007.

If you ask for express delivery service the price includes insurance and internet tracking, so it means that you will be able to track your parcel online and know exactly which day you will get it (tracking can be made on your country post office website or on the sender post office website).

And don't worry about import tax as none of hundreds of parcels we have been sending to Europe or America during these years had ever been taxed when they contained less than 10 bottles, so you can be sure that you won't have anything more to pay, because even though customs would check your parcel you won't have any fee to pay for few bottles, as when you bring back whiskey, wine, or any strong liquor to your homecountry after a trip abroad.

Also if for any reason your parcel is lost or the bottle broken (never happened as we really are experts in shipping bottles) we will send you another one for free, so do not wait anymore and just order your incredible Christmas rare gift now.


Legal Snake Wine Seller Hi, do you know if it is forbidden to sell this wine? I wonder if the animals inside were protected species. Thanks Sal – — — Dear customer,   Thank you for your interest, we only sell authentic Cobra snake liquor and we ship our Snake wine worldwide […]

Legal Snake Wine Seller

Gifts for christmas: How about a bottle of whisky ?


Christmas is around the corner. There is only a few weeks left before 25th December. Yes we are talking about Christmas. One of the most fascinating holiday. If you still got nothing in mind what to buy as gifts for your friends or families. Here we have the best idea for you.

Are you families and friends whisky lovers? THAT'S IT!! What will be better than a bottle of whisky on a christmas evening?

Having a problem choosing the right bottle of whisky for this very special night? Here is where you'll find the answer. We have chosen a few for you to do comparison. From the most popular to the best valued. Let's see the difference.

Whisky Big Peat. (46% vol 70cl)
Country: Scoutland
Price range £35 - £45

This vatted malt scores 96/100 in the Jim Murray Whisky bible and 88/100 by Serge Valentin. You may ask what is a vatted malt? It is what the scotch whisky industry called the marriage of malts. Such vatted often forms the heart and soul of blended scotch whisky (which carries the lighter tasting grain whisky, to soften matters)

Whisky Tamdhu 10years (43% vol 70cl)
Country: Scoutland
Price range: £30-£40

A solid and tasty sherry cask matured whisky. They've balanced the rich first fill notes with some softer refill flavours to give a rich fruity and chocolate as well as some softer creamy notes. Superb whisky and also a superb gift.

Whisky Glenrothes Select Reserve
(43% vol 70cl)
Country: Scoutland
Price range: £30-£40

Tasting note by the Chaps at Master of Malt.
Lots of zesty rich fruit on the nose. Thick seville marmalade, bubbling on a hot stove with note of toasting cereals. The palate is sliken smooth and utterly supple. A gentle sweet of honey and a little vanilla with toasted cereal and sumptuous osk.

Whisky Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select
(45% vol 1 Liter)
Country: Lynchburg, Tennessee
Price range: $165

It's an ultra premium whisky full of character. Dark amber in appearance, its hue is achieved by explosing the classic No.7 Jack Daniel's that we all know the extra layer of toasted wood on the inside of barrels-aptly named thr barrels. Resulting a smooth, bold oak flavour and vanilla finish. It's worth the price for a special occasion to unite the strong relation.

Whisky Teeling (46% Vol 70cl)
Country : Ireland
Price range: £30-£40

Best for fans of irish whisky. Beautiful packaging. Delicious creamy, Spicy and Rich Irish Blend.

Also voted as the best blended malt in the world in 2012. One of the most beautiful gifts for whisky lover around the world.

Whisky Kavalan Single malt
(40% Vol 70cl)
Country: Taiwan
Price range: £50 - £60

A recently established Taiwanese whisky. Won numerous awards in many competition. Will be a real treat for reunion on the christmas evening.

Above are ideas of the greatest gifts for the coming christmas and new year. Incase your family and friends prefer wine over whisky you can check out our website. There are many information about wine that you would like to know before buying as gifts for this coming holiday.

We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Gifts for christmas: How about a bottle of whisky ?





Where do you buy snake antivenom online ?

It is usually difficult or even impossible to buy snake antivenom online, but thanks to a partnership with the international Red Cross you can now purchase snake antivenom online on our store.

Being able to buy snake antivenom as Cobra antivenom online is useful for people travelling to countries where many dangerous snakes can be seen when going for trekking or other outdoors activities, and the most dangerous countries where you should not travel without Snake antivenin in Asia are Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, and India.


Can I find snake antivenom at local hospitals when travelling abroad ?

You might think that going for a trip in the countryside of one of these countries is riskless because hospitals there must have all the necessary antivenom for all snakes that are living in this area, but you are wrong and just need to read the news to understand that hundreds of people die every year because of snake bites in these countries.
Of course, few foreigners die in these countries because of snake bites because they are not living there, but also remember that few people win the lottery...
Before travelling abroad in any Asian or African country, you should always wonder: is it worth to risk my life to save few dollars when not buying snake antivenom for snakes that could kill me while I will be abroad far from any hospital or even village.

So what is the solution to avoid dying because of snake bite when travelling abroad? Bring your own antivenin with you, ready to be used with syringe and other medical stuff that one's must have in his travel safety kit.



How to choose snake antivenom ?

What if countries where you travel are famous for being the land of many different snake breeds ? How to choose the right antivenom ? Should you bring one antivenom for each snake breed that can be found there ?

When travelling to some countries where many snake species are dangerous and can kill you should carry with you polyvalent antivenin that is useful to fight different snake venoms.
And there are only 2 kinds of polyvalent antivenoms, the neuro polyvalent antivenom and the hemato polyvalent antivenom, and both of them can be used against different snake bites and breeds.


Which snake antivenom to buy, and for which snakes ?

We advice our customers who do not know which snakes breeds they are going to meet when trekking in the mountain to purchase neuro polyvalent antivenom and hemato polyvalent antivenom.

Hematotoxic antivenom can be used to fight Malayan Pit Viper Venom bites, Green Pit Viper Venom bites, and Russell’s Viper Venom bites.

Neuropolyvalent antivenom can be used to fight Cobra and King Cobra Venom bites, Banded Krait Venom bites, and Malayan Krait Venom bites.


Do I need snake antivenom if I just have a snake as pet ?

Snake antivenin is also useful for people having venomous snake species at home as pet, as the trend is growing throughout the world.
When handling a dangerous snake you should have the right antivenom with you in case your pet bites you, because even professional and snake experts who know how to handle dangerous snake species as Cobra or Viper can be bitten and must be ready to inject themselves the right antivenin when needed.

So you can now buy Snake antivenin as Cobra antivenon on our store as we sell the only authentic Red Cross snake antivenin available online, and you can buy antivenom from Europe (any European country) as well as from America (United states, Canada) or any other country in the world.


Why is it difficult to buy snake antivenom in Europe and USA ?

Snake antivenom is difficult to purchase in US an EU or even impossible due to the fact that it is regulated by the FDA administration in USA and by local administrations in Europe, but you now know how to buy antivenom online and maybe save your life.
Of course if you ask your local doctor he will reply that he couldn't inject you this antivenom, but what if you are in the countryside and just have been bitten by a snake ? Any doctor or even nurse will save your life by injecting this precious remedy that will save your life.

Many hospitals in US and Europe do not even hold the antivenom that is needed right away to save the poisoned limb or prevent serious permanent damage to your brain, so if you are in a situation where you have a pet snake or in an area with many venomous snakes you need to be prepared for the worst, because the worst often mean death.


You can find on our shop life saving antivenom for all snakes in listed locations and thanks to our partnership with the official international Red cross local offices in the whole world we are now able to supply snake antivenom for all snake species that can be found worldwide.
Antivenin as it is called in the scientific community is what is used to treat all snakebites and stings from snakes but also scorpions and spiders. We propose all types of antivenin on our antivenom store for all bites from all snakes in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, South-American countries, and Asian countries as India, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

Snakebites of snakes that can be found at any location that has a problem with venomous snake attacks can be treated with our antivenom.

We are a company Based in Belgium so we have access to all the laboratories where antivenom is made legally and officially, and we ship legally with a prescription after proper waivers signed.

So if you plan to travel to Asian countries where dangerous and venomous snakes can be found do not forget to buy some cheap antivenin from our shop before you travel, and if you find out that you forgot to purchase the right antivenom before going abroad it's not too late as we can deliver snake antivenom worldwide to your hotel or guesthouse. within 3 days.

And if you are just a pet lover you should really be sure that your venomous snake loves you as much as you love him if you handle this dangerous snake without having the right Snake antivenom as a security measure in your fridge.




Buy Red Cross Snake Antivenom Online


If you want ot buy Snake wine or Scorpion wine rice liquors online on the internet you just have found the perfect website as we sell Snake wine since almost 10 years, the main reason to start selling Snake wine being to help the villagers to sell more of their products as most of the people in this village are living mostly on this beverage.

Snake wine that you want to buy is also called Snake liquor and it is an alcoholic beverage made in Vietnam and China with rice wine and a real snakes in the bottle. The most authetic Snake wine that we provide is made at the Snake village in Vietnam by local people, and nowhere else online you will find such a direct way to buy Snake wine directly from the Snake wine village in Vietnam.

Yes, this Snake wine originate from the most famous place in the world where is made this liquor, the Snake Village in Vietnam, and if you order one of our Snake wine bottles you will not only try a new incredible drink but also help people in the village improve their lifestyle and develop more activities.

For Vietnamese and Chinese the main reason of drinking this liquor is that snakes possess medicinal qualities, so this beverage can not only be used as a recreative but also for its health benefit and to increase sexual performance as Viagra or Kamagra pills, benefits that our customers from all over the world get from this Asian drink.

The authentic Snake wine bottles that we sell include a real Cobra snake and the Scorpion wine bottles include one or two scorpions of different size, and even if you can find at other places "Snake wine" made with other breeds of snakes, you have to know that Cobra snakes are the best ones to make Snake wine drink thanks to its stong venom that give its positive energy to the wine.

If you want to buy and order a Snake wine bottle you have to know that snakes are preserved to have the snake poison dissolved in the liquor but that it is not harmful to drink this liquor, protein based snake venoms being inactivated because of the denaturing effects of ethanol. So it's not risky it's just healthy !

Cobra snakes are left to steep for few months in our Snake wine to give all his power to the wine, and that's partly why this beverage have health related effects, and why millions of people are drinking it daily around the world.

There is another variety of Snake wine as you might have seen in the movie "The beach" with actor Leonardo DiCaprio but this one can't be sold online as it can't be kept in a bottle and must be consumed immediately after being prepared. This other variety of Snake wine is made with snake blood mixed into wine after the alive snake is cut before your eyes to drain the blood in a glass to be mixed with rice wine, and snake bile can also be added, so you understand why it needs to be drank fresh.

If you want to drink Snake wine and Scorpion wine and share shots with your friends for a party, being a birthday, Christmas, or any other event, you can buy a Snake wine liquor and a Scorpion wine liquor on this website as both bottles will be sent to you by express mail delivery with internet tracking for free as soon as you order at least two bottles of these Asian beverages.


Buy Snake Venom Online at the Best Price Hi we are looking for snake venom buyer’s,  we are herpetologist from Czech and Nederland but aour  company stay in Cambodia we have all legal license for selling snakes venom abroad.., now we have 36 snakes from cobra family and 41 from […]

Buy Snake Venom Online at the Best Price

Cambodia Snake Farm Venom Order
Cambodia Snake Farm Order Dear Mr/Mrs The purpose of this letter is to briefly introduce myself as import/export company new communications representative. My name is Tom, I,m a Dutch national that recently joined the company and am taking over all existing and new business contacts. We are a small same […]

Cambodia Snake Farm Order

Order Anti-venom for Philippines Snakes hi i would like to inquire if you have anti-venom kit? and how much does it cost? I’m from the Philippines. – — — Dear customer,   Thank you for your message.   Please find our Red cross antivenins on this page, and contact us […]

Order Anti-venom for Philippines Snakes

Hello, Are the snake and scorpion real. Does the labeling indicate “Vietnam” as the distiller? Thanks Don – — — Dear customer, Thank you for your interest, we only sell authentic Cobra snake liquor and we ship our Snake wine worldwide including to your country (our snakes are from an official registered […]

Is Snake Wine from Vietnam or from another Country ?

Its Christmas time: What bottle of Whisky to give ?



Christmas is just a few weeks away and you still don’t have any idea what gifts to give to your friends!! We celebrate this special day by giving you a little inspirations and a wonderful ideas that your friends will surely love it.

Are your friends or your family members are whiskey lovers? BINGO!  At Christmas Day, they will be happier with a bottle of finest Whiskey.


But the question is what bottle of whiskey to give? This is where we can help you, A selection of the finest whiskey chosen with classic and traditional values from countries which we would never have a second thought…



Blended with the finest malt, Whiskey with the score of 96/100 in the bible of whiskey by Jim Murray, You will love the humorous illustration of the label and the metal tube. A wonderful gift idea to give to those peaty whiskey lovers.


Tamdhu WHISKY 10 YEARS (43%, 70 cl tube) - SCOTCH WHISKY - SINGLE MALT

A superb whiskey with a nice and rich flavor with a distinct and beautiful fluff. The sublime bottle vintage style makes it an ideal whiskey to offer and to celebrate during the holiday season.



Glenrothes Select Reserve whiskey is a single malt from Speyside in Scotland who needs no introduction. Classic softness and gourmet flavors. A classic that is still fly!



Slip under the Christmas tree this prestigious new version of Jack Daniels created to pay tribute to the strong relationship that united Frank Sinatra and Jack Sinatra for nearly half a century.



Specially made for the fans of Irish whiskey,  this beautiful version of aged in rum barrels. Beautiful and nice bottle case vintage whisky Irish style.



Voted as the best blended malt in the world in 2012, This Nikka whiskey Taketsuru a real gem for 17years. A wonderful  gift  for  whiskey lovers worldwide.



This Single malt whiskey from Taiwan recently established its name and has already won prestigious awards in many competitions. A whiskey that always look great on December 25!


A selection of the finest whiskey the best gift idea  this coming Christmas or New Year’s Dayand if your friends do not like whiskey and prefer wine also  available on our .


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



Its Christmas time: What bottle of Whisky to give ?