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Where do you buy snake antivenom online ?

It is usually difficult or even impossible to buy snake antivenom online, but thanks to a partnership with the international Red Cross you can now purchase snake antivenom online on our store.

Being able to buy snake antivenom as Cobra antivenom online is useful for people travelling to countries where many dangerous snakes can be seen when going for trekking or other outdoors activities, and the most dangerous countries where you should not travel without Snake antivenin in Asia are Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, and India.


Can I find snake antivenom at local hospitals when travelling abroad ?

You might think that going for a trip in the countryside of one of these countries is riskless because hospitals there must have all the necessary antivenom for all snakes that are living in this area, but you are wrong and just need to read the news to understand that hundreds of people die every year because of snake bites in these countries.
Of course, few foreigners die in these countries because of snake bites because they are not living there, but also remember that few people win the lottery…
Before travelling abroad in any Asian or African country, you should always wonder: is it worth to risk my life to save few dollars when not buying snake antivenom for snakes that could kill me while I will be abroad far from any hospital or even village.

So what is the solution to avoid dying because of snake bite when travelling abroad? Bring your own antivenin with you, ready to be used with syringe and other medical stuff that one’s must have in his travel safety kit.



How to choose snake antivenom ?

What if countries where you travel are famous for being the land of many different snake breeds ? How to choose the right antivenom ? Should you bring one antivenom for each snake breed that can be found there ?

When travelling to some countries where many snake species are dangerous and can kill you should carry with you polyvalent antivenin that is useful to fight different snake venoms.
And there are only 2 kinds of polyvalent antivenoms, the neuro polyvalent antivenom and the hemato polyvalent antivenom, and both of them can be used against different snake bites and breeds.


Which snake antivenom to buy, and for which snakes ?

We advice our customers who do not know which snakes breeds they are going to meet when trekking in the mountain to purchase neuro polyvalent antivenom and hemato polyvalent antivenom.

Hematotoxic antivenom can be used to fight Malayan Pit Viper Venom bites, Green Pit Viper Venom bites, and Russell’s Viper Venom bites.

Neuropolyvalent antivenom can be used to fight Cobra and King Cobra Venom bites, Banded Krait Venom bites, and Malayan Krait Venom bites.


Do I need snake antivenom if I just have a snake as pet ?

Snake antivenin is also useful for people having venomous snake species at home as pet, as the trend is growing throughout the world.
When handling a dangerous snake you should have the right antivenom with you in case your pet bites you, because even professional and snake experts who know how to handle dangerous snake species as Cobra or Viper can be bitten and must be ready to inject themselves the right antivenin when needed.

So you can now buy Snake antivenin as Cobra antivenon on our store as we sell the only authentic Red Cross snake antivenin available online, and you can buy antivenom from Europe (any European country) as well as from America (United states, Canada) or any other country in the world.


Why is it difficult to buy snake antivenom in Europe and USA ?

Snake antivenom is difficult to purchase in US an EU or even impossible due to the fact that it is regulated by the FDA administration in USA and by local administrations in Europe, but you now know how to buy antivenom online and maybe save your life.
Of course if you ask your local doctor he will reply that he couldn’t inject you this antivenom, but what if you are in the countryside and just have been bitten by a snake ? Any doctor or even nurse will save your life by injecting this precious remedy that will save your life.

Many hospitals in US and Europe do not even hold the antivenom that is needed right away to save the poisoned limb or prevent serious permanent damage to your brain, so if you are in a situation where you have a pet snake or in an area with many venomous snakes you need to be prepared for the worst, because the worst often mean death.


You can find on our shop life saving antivenom for all snakes in listed locations and thanks to our partnership with the official international Red cross local offices in the whole world we are now able to supply snake antivenom for all snake species that can be found worldwide.
Antivenin as it is called in the scientific community is what is used to treat all snakebites and stings from snakes but also scorpions and spiders. We propose all types of antivenin on our antivenom store for all bites from all snakes in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, South-American countries, and Asian countries as India, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

Snakebites of snakes that can be found at any location that has a problem with venomous snake attacks can be treated with our antivenom.

We are a company Based in Belgium so we have access to all the laboratories where antivenom is made legally and officially, and we ship legally with a prescription after proper waivers signed.

So if you plan to travel to Asian countries where dangerous and venomous snakes can be found do not forget to buy some cheap antivenin from our shop before you travel, and if you find out that you forgot to purchase the right antivenom before going abroad it’s not too late as we can deliver snake antivenom worldwide to your hotel or guesthouse. within 3 days.

And if you are just a pet lover you should really be sure that your venomous snake loves you as much as you love him if you handle this dangerous snake without having the right Snake antivenom as a security measure in your fridge.