Gifts for christmas: How about a bottle of whisky ?

Gifts for christmas: How about a bottle of whisky ?


Christmas is around the corner. There is only a few weeks left before 25th December. Yes we are talking about Christmas. One of the most fascinating holiday. If you still got nothing in mind what to buy as gifts for your friends or families. Here we have the best idea for you.

Are you families and friends whisky lovers? THAT’S IT!! What will be better than a bottle of whisky on a christmas evening?

Having a problem choosing the right bottle of whisky for this very special night? Here is where you’ll find the answer. We have chosen a few for you to do comparison. From the most popular to the best valued. Let’s see the difference.

Whisky Big Peat. (46% vol 70cl)
Country: Scoutland
Price range £35 – £45

This vatted malt scores 96/100 in the Jim Murray Whisky bible and 88/100 by Serge Valentin. You may ask what is a vatted malt? It is what the scotch whisky industry called the marriage of malts. Such vatted often forms the heart and soul of blended scotch whisky (which carries the lighter tasting grain whisky, to soften matters)

Whisky Tamdhu 10years (43% vol 70cl)
Country: Scoutland
Price range: £30-£40

A solid and tasty sherry cask matured whisky. They’ve balanced the rich first fill notes with some softer refill flavours to give a rich fruity and chocolate as well as some softer creamy notes. Superb whisky and also a superb gift.

Whisky Glenrothes Select Reserve
(43% vol 70cl)
Country: Scoutland
Price range: £30-£40

Tasting note by the Chaps at Master of Malt.
Lots of zesty rich fruit on the nose. Thick seville marmalade, bubbling on a hot stove with note of toasting cereals. The palate is sliken smooth and utterly supple. A gentle sweet of honey and a little vanilla with toasted cereal and sumptuous osk.

Whisky Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select
(45% vol 1 Liter)
Country: Lynchburg, Tennessee
Price range: $165

It’s an ultra premium whisky full of character. Dark amber in appearance, its hue is achieved by explosing the classic No.7 Jack Daniel’s that we all know the extra layer of toasted wood on the inside of barrels-aptly named thr barrels. Resulting a smooth, bold oak flavour and vanilla finish. It’s worth the price for a special occasion to unite the strong relation.

Whisky Teeling (46% Vol 70cl)
Country : Ireland
Price range: £30-£40

Best for fans of irish whisky. Beautiful packaging. Delicious creamy, Spicy and Rich Irish Blend.

Also voted as the best blended malt in the world in 2012. One of the most beautiful gifts for whisky lover around the world.

Whisky Kavalan Single malt
(40% Vol 70cl)
Country: Taiwan
Price range: £50 – £60

A recently established Taiwanese whisky. Won numerous awards in many competition. Will be a real treat for reunion on the christmas evening.

Above are ideas of the greatest gifts for the coming christmas and new year. Incase your family and friends prefer wine over whisky you can check out our website. There are many information about wine that you would like to know before buying as gifts for this coming holiday.

We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.