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Snake wine and Scorpion wine really are drinks that you can be sure nobody else will bring to your New year dinner or New year party, being one of the most incredible and edible gift that one’s could find on this planet, and it is usually found in South east Asian countries as Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, but also in Korea and Japan.

To prepare this aphrodisiac beverage a cobra snake or some scorpions are put into a transparent rice wine liquor with herbs and roots, and the liquid is left to ferment for months or years. The venomous cobra snake used to make Snake wine is preserved to have the snake poison dissolved in the beverage, but because the cobra snake venom is protein based it is inactivated by the denaturing effects of ethanol, and no more dangerous for consumption.
Many types of snake wines can be found all across Asia, but the most famous one is the one found in Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos, the only real and authentic Snake wine.

You can order online the famous Snake wine or even a Scorpion wine if you want to purchase a souvenir from Asia, if you want to offer an incredible rare gift to family members, or if you want to impress all your friends during Christmas or New year’s eve parties and dinners.

Enjoy this rare Snake wine alcohol, Merry Christmas 2007, and Happy New year 2008 !